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5 facts about life and work in Sweden. What characterises life in Sweden? Find the answers in this video. Sweden is thought of being a small country in the north with only ten million inhabitants but actually by surface the third largest country in the EU. Sweden's largest  30 Mar 2020 Among the information listed below, you will also find Sweden fun facts, not as useful when you try to show off during a quiz but certainly helpful  Information, history facts, and activities on Sweden.

Sweden facts

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The population is 10.2 million inhabitants of which almost one million live in the capital Stockholm. There are many country facts about Sweden that will not surprise people such as the excellent healthcare system and high cost of living. However, other facts may surprise relocating expats such as a housing market that is so competitive there is a black market for leases. 2.

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Counting Sweden - Räkna med Sverige: A bilingual counting book with fun facts about Sweden for kids: Liebrand, Linda: Most important galleries in Sweden. Sort by: A-Z Most important museums in Sweden Most important non-profit-, artist-, project-spaces etc in Sweden. The Provinces of Sweden (Swedish: Sveriges landskap) are the 25 histrocial regions of Sweden.

Sweden facts

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Population: 761,721 (2003). Official / National Languages: Swedish, Skåne. Geography: Sweden is  Currently the 290 municipalities in Sweden offer different types of support. Some types of support are aimed directly at the carer such as psychosocial support,  FACTS. Corporate form: Private limited company. Register no. of Company: CVR/VAT No. 556471-7238.

10: Sweden has mostly covered with forestry. One of the interesting facts of Sweden is that around half of the state has covered with green forestry. while the rest of the state has covered with over 100,000 lakes and 24,000 islands. Swedish people can visit these islands through free public transportation which provide by the Swedish government. 11 Surprising Facts About Sweden.Subscribe: more from FTD Facts: In Sweden you will find Lapland, which you probably know from the many snow and reindeer and the natural phenomena of midnight sun and northern lights. But there is much more, and that is why I have 24 fun facts about Sweden for you! 24 fun facts about Sweden.
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Swedishness sells! Tyskarna har en mycket positiv bild av Sverige och svenskarna med sin höga kvalitet av olika produkter och innovationer. quick facts about sweden and Sources: Swedish Energy Agency and Statistics Sweden Energy consumption by sector according to Statistics Sweden (TWh). Available facts are generated based on 394 sources. Your selection is 394 sources.

Third largest industry in Sweden (production value, number of employees); Industry turnover:  Scania Head office. Telephone: +46(0)855 38 10 00.
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hunted to extinction. Wolves have recently returned to Sweden and Scandinavia since they were claimed extinct in the 1960’s. The wolves came to Scandinavia from Eurasia after the last ice age some 10,000 years ago, followed by humans, deer and other mammals. Hej motherfactors! Welcome to the land of unintelligible chefs, meatballs, ABBA and a surprising amount of facts - SWEDEN.